COVID-19 Update – 25 March

This is the second of my updates on COVID-19 and how our community are responding to it.

I want to use this update to celebrate the work that local businesses and charities are doing to serve our community, and to update you on the latest advice on how to deal with COVID-19.

Standing Up for Self Employed People In Parliament

Yesterday in Parliament, I raised an urgent question with the government about what they are doing to help self-employed people. 

The vast majority of people who are self-employed are sole traders or agency workers who need a support package from the government to cope with their loss of earnings.

It's important at a time like this, that opposition MPs hold the government to account in a constructive way. I hope the government will listen to the contributions made from across the house about the need for a comprehensive support package for self-employed people.

You can view my contribution in Parliament here.

If you are self-employed and worried about your situation you can visit the Government's website here.

Supporting Kingston Foodbanks

At this time of need, it's important that we support our local food banks.

Kingston Food Banks have more information here on the various ways you can help.

Kingston Stronger Together

Kingston Council have set up a volunteering hub. This is to get people in touch with organisations that need their help.

Find out more information here and sign up here.

Keep Updated

My team and I are regularly updating our website with the latest information on COVID-19. You can follow this here.

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