COVID-19 – Our support package for NHS and social care workers

Like me, I’m sure you’re clapping every Thursday evening to thank our incredible NHS and social care workers in Kingston and across Britain. This is a terrific boost to morale and a chance for us to come together as a community to thank them for their heroic efforts. 

But I think we can all agree that we need to go beyond clapping – they deserve practical support and recognition. 

That’s why the Liberal Democrats are setting out a five-point plan to improve conditions and thank them properly. 

Will you join us in our call to support NHS and social care workers

At Kingston Hospital and across Britain, NHS and social care workers are putting themselves at risk because the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need isn't available. That’s why the Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to cut the red tape and ramp up production of vital PPE.

Health and care professionals are working long hours in stressful conditions. That’s why our plan includes a comprehensive support package for frontline workers

They are feeling the financial strain of unexpected expenses. That’s why we are calling for staff who are putting their lives in danger to receive a £29 per day allowance, just as military personnel receive when on deployment. 

They want to know that their loved ones will be looked after if something happens to them. That’s why we are calling for increased support for the families of those who die in service, including a guarantee from Government to pay for funerals. 

And they deserve the recognition of a grateful nation. Which is why we want to formally recognise and celebrate the heroism of our frontline staff by creating a new “Coronavirus Service Medal”

I hope you will join us in showing that we truly care by signing our five-point plan today.

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COVID-19 Update – 17 April

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Below is the first of my weekly video updates on the issues that residents have been raising with my office. This week, I have received many questions on the provision of PPE, issues in care homes and support for self employed people.

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COVID-19 Update – 15 April

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Kingston Library Service

Kingston's library service is continuing to offer services for residents online. Follow their Twitter account here to keep up to date with how to get involved.

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COVID-19 Update – 14 April

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I hope everyone had a peaceful and relaxing Easter weekend. Today is Tamil New Year, I wish a very happy New Year to all Tamils in my constituency in these trying time.

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COVID-19 Update – 9 April

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This Easter weekend will be a strange time for lots of us. My family and I normally visit my children's grandmother in Dorset, but like so many we'll be connecting via technology instead.

Just a phone call can make a huge difference at this time!

And this weekend will be particularly difficult for those working in our NHS, care homes and all key workers - I'll be thinking of them when we clap our thanks this evening.

As tempting as it might be, we should think of those in our NHS and resist the urge to go outside over the weekend.

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COVID-19 Update – 8 April

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I’d like to speak to you online please – or at least, take a question from you!

This afternoon (9 April) I'm doing a Q&A on Zoom with the Leader of Kingston Council, Cllr Caroline Kerr the and CEO of Kingston Council Ian Thomas, chaired by The Community Brain's Robin Hutchinson.

If you'd like to join us and ask any of us a question, you can hop onto our Zoom chat tomorrow at 2:15pm following the link here.

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COVID-19 Update – 7 April

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I am sure everyone will want to join with me, in sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to the Prime Minister – and huge thanks to the NHS staff looking after him and others, in St Thomas’ Hospital.

And also to send our best wishes and condolences to the family and friends of Dr Anton Sebastianpillai, a Surbiton resident and a consultant geriatrician, who died from coronavirus having come out of retirement to help at Kingston Hospital. I had the privilege of knowing Anton, a great servant to the NHS and an author of superb books like his Illustrated History of Sri Lanka. He will be missed by many, not least Kingston’s Tamil community.

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COVID-19 Update – 6 April

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Many people have asked me, "Ed, I’ve got to stay at home during this epidemic, but I want to help local people. How?" Well, here’s how – Love Kingston!

Love Kingston

Love Kingston (LK) is an amazing local charity that raises funds for local charities! Check it out here.

LK is aiming to raise £100,000 to support local Kingston charities and volunteer organisations doing work in our Borough to help people impacted by COVID-19.

This fund will be vital in supporting Kingston’s voluntary sector get help to those who need it.

You can donate here.

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COVID-19 Update – 3 April

National Autism Awareness Week

This week is National Autism Awareness Week. We know that for many people with autism across our Borough this is a particularly difficult time.

So yesterday, on National Autism Awareness Day, I “zoomed” with Tracey from Express CIC, an amazing local charity that supports the families of children with autism, based in Tolworth.

You can watch our short chat here – and find out just how brilliant Express CIC are. .

The National Autistic Society website has more details on how to spread awareness and to explain autism to others here.

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COVID-19 Update – 2 April

These emails have deliberately concentrated on local issues during the CV19 epidemic.

However, today I want to add in my national work – questioning the Government on a range of issues linked to CV19. In the last week, my focus has been the need for more testing and personal protective equipment for NHS and care staff.

With a major testing site now set up at Chessington’s World of Adventures, I’m pleased our Borough is playing a part. Yet I’m still worried at the relatively low number of tests being carried out, compared to Korea, Germany and some other countries.

If you don't already, it's worth following me on Twitter to see what I'm doing to hold the government to account.

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