COVID-19 Update – 1 April

It remains incredibly important that we all carry on contributing to the effort to keep our community safe from COVID19. We have seen a massive reduction in car journeys and journeys made on public transport across the borough, an indication that we are listening and adapting our lifestyles.

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COVID-19 Update – 31 March

Lot's of people in our borough and across the country are using the lockdown as a time to learn new skills.

My family and I have been enjoying Joe Wicks's daily class. We're all finding our own way to cope and to make best of a difficult situation.

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COVID-19 Update – 30 March

Over the next few weeks, it's important we all play our part in tackling COVID-19. 

I've listed below some things you can get involved in to keep our community safe.

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COVID-19 Update – 29 March

You will have seen the latest warnings from the Government, that the coronavirus epidemic in our country is likely to get significantly worse before it gets better. This makes everybody's efforts - especially staff in our NHS and social care - even more important, as we try to stop the spread of this dangerous virus. Thank you for what you are doing.

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COVID-19 Update – 27 March

You may have been amongst the millions clapping the amazing staff in our NHS and social care sector last night. Thank you if you were - and if you are working in our NHS and social care, I hope you felt all our admiration and gratitude!


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COVID-19 Update – 26 March

This is my third update on what our community is doing to work together to tackle COVID-19. 

I have been so impressed by how local people, charities and businesses have stepped up to the challenge. Thank you!

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COVID-19 Update – 25 March

This is the second of my updates on COVID-19 and how our community are responding to it.

I want to use this update to celebrate the work that local businesses and charities are doing to serve our community, and to update you on the latest advice on how to deal with COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Update – 24 March

My website has been signposting advice and guidance since the Coronavirus epidemic started (click here).

This is the first blog updating local people on our community efforts to tackle COVID-19. The Prime Minister's statement last night set out how grave the situation facing our country is: it’s important that we all play our part in tackling this virus.

My aim is to keep you informed about how our community, local businesses, and the local council are responding to this pandemic. 

It is important that we all follow advice on how best to keep ourselves and our neighbours healthy. 

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